Monday, May 19, 2014


I think I'm going to rename Timber "Surprise".  His  volunteer notes included: needs work on keeping 4 on the floor- translation, jumps up a lot, needs leash work, and needs basics.  Timber is an eight month old fairly large Cattle Dog puppy who at 2:00 had not yet had a volunteer outing.  With some caution and lots of treats I went off to meet Timber.

An incredibly cute Timber backed up and stood quietly to be harnessed, all the while leaning against me for pets and cuddles. The main exercise yard was occupied so we stopped first in the one with agility equipment.  Timber clearly wanted to play ball but since he had just been neutered eight days prior, the staff suggested that I limit his running thus - no fetch.  I showed him the agility tube and gave him treats for going through it for the ball.  He learned this so quickly.  The yard also has a teeter board.  I had him walk over that for a treat; another quick learn.  Cattle Dogs are always smart but this puppy was blowing my mind!  After a few more minutes of sniffing, it was time for our walk.  By this time, no surprise, Timber is perfect on the leash (video). 

After about a twenty minute walk we stopped in the other exercise yard for obedience basics.  Timber is great at sit and come, but needs a little more prompting on down (video).  This puppy is so special, he is super smart and one of the most loving dogs I've come across. According to his profile he is good with kids and other dogs but cats could be a challenge.  Let's hope some lucky family finds him soon , he's one in a million.

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