Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The shelter was very busy with visitors but a little lite on volunteers.  At 1:45 Duke, a Great Dane/Hound mix, just over a year old and with lots of energy  was more than eager to go since this was his first volunteer walk of the day.  One look at his sweet patient face and I knew he was my choice.  Confinement is stressful for most dogs but it is especially challenging for larger dogs (kennels seem relatively smaller).  For hounds, who love to wander, it must be even more difficult.  Duke met me at his back door up on his hind legs, wagging everything.  It took me just two times of telling him to stay back for him to back away from his door.  He quieted quickly; I easily got him harnessed and we were off. 

We started in the exercise yard with Duke happily trotting around and sniffing absolutely everything.  He is very affectionate, he comes when he is called with such eager joy, he nearly mows you down.  He sits on command but not consistently. I think that Duke will be much more able to focus on basic commands once the stress of confinement is lifted. Though there is lots of stress in his life at this time it is obvious that he is very gentle and affectionate, loves the company of other dogs (according to his profile, is also OK with cats), and stays mentally connected with you; all wonderful traits.

On our return we stopped once again in the exercise yard for a few final sniffs, etc.  By this time more volunteers had arrived so Duke saw other dogs on the other side of the fence.  Most of this yard visit was spent with Duke whining and wagging, hoping that the other dogs would come over. Duke is such a sweetie, let's hope he finds his forever home soon and that it includes other dogs and lots of exercise opportunities.


Roger has a Forever Home

The totally sweet puppy, Roger found his forever person.  This happened a couple of weeks ago but since Al, Willow and I were in California for our Grandson's graduation, I've been out of touch.  Willow, by the way, was the best traveler of the three of us!  On a 1 to 10 (perfect) scale, she was an 11. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Shelter puppies always surprise me.  Unlike most of the adult dogs, who, except for being in a highly stressful environment, behave like  our pets.  The puppies however, are very different than the typical bouncy playful puppies that I've been around in other situations.  Roger is no exception.  At around 1:00, I saw that he had not yet had an outing - at just 10 weeks he has to stay inside, so his outings are limited to play rooms.  I gathered him up from his very spacious, even luxurious kennel and carried him into the play area.  As soon as I sat him on the floor he piddled what seemed like a gallon!  My first thought was, Oh no! House breaking is the number one reason most people are hesitant about adopting puppies.  He then happily crawled onto my lap and that is where he stayed snuggling as close as possible for 30 minutes of our 40 minute visit.  The shelter puppies are utterly desperate for human love and contact.  All of us who have or have had pets know how much they love us, but it is so intense with these puppies.  It is like, as their temporary human, you are just everything to them.

Back to the housebreaking issue, I had plenty of time to think about Roger and it soon came to me that at just 10 weeks old he was well on his way to already being housebroken.  His "house" is his kennel, his "outside" is the playroom.  He had been holding in an enormous amount of fluid for such a young puppy, way to go Roger!

After about 30 minutes of cuddling and some coaxing with little bits of a tasty treat, I finally got Roger to explore the room.  He seemed to enjoy himself but I know if we had been in a larger space he would have been sticking close by.   When it was time to take him back to his kennel, I expected him to be somewhat clingy - another surprise.  Roger was quite happy to be in his familiar kennel and, after a lengthy drink, trotted off to see if all of his toys were still there.    As you can see he is a good looking pup, a lab with some bull terrier mixed in.  I think he will make a wonderful pet, he is so lovable and, considering his circumstances, is making the best of it.

Bugs has a Forever Home

At long last Bugs found his forever family today.  Only  special people love hounds and only the most special adopt them.  Best wishes to Bugs.