Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Nolow came flying down the hall as I was walking into the shelter; I looked back to see two volunteers gaining on him fast.  They managed to recover him just as he was beginning his tour of the cat area (actually he likes cats).  I planned on taking him out later; I'll make sure to hold the leash especially firmly in the hall!

Nolow is about four, and a Border Collie / Newfoundland mix.  He was very easy to get harnessed since he knows it means a walk.  Both exercise yards were occupied so we did our walk first.  Nolow is good with a no-pull harness but he stays near the end of it; his new owner will likely need more leash training for him.  He definitely has Border Collie energy and likely the smarts to go with it.

On our return an exercise yard was available so it was time for some obedience checks.  Nolow is good at come, sit and down but not interested in fetch.  He is very good looking and affectionate, leans on you for pets.  Let's hope Nolow finds a family that can keep up with him. 

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