Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ruby has a Forever Home

Ruby has found her forever family. I would imagine she will make the thought of "winter in a month or two", a brighter prospect for them.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


No shortage of dogs today.  The shelter received 27 from an overcrowded California shelter this past weekend and all but Ruby are small.  She is just so beautiful, a Siberian Husky with stunning pale blue eyes; I  had to get to know her better.  The notes on her log sheet requested that volunteers work with her on calmly leaving and returning to her kennel.  Trepidation starts to creep in!  No problem; my right brain assured me that having just completed Meredith's (Pawsitive Experience)  training, I could handle this.  I made up my plastic lid coated with peanut butter (to distract her while harnessing up) and headed for her kennel.  There she was happily howling and jumping up on her hind legs - "Stay calm and ignore her until she stands quietly", (Meredith).

 It worked; so far so good.   I'm now in her kennel; peanut butter lid is on the floor; she is sniffing it, I'm getting her harnessed and she does not even like peanut butter!  Wow; we calmly leave the dog area, walk down the hall and go outside.  I know she is just seething with energy so a stop in the exercise yard is a must.  She goes racing around, half run, half jump; you can see she is not used to wearing a training harness.  She jumped up at me one time, but by just turning away and ignoring her (thank you Meredith), no more jumping.  She still raced around then raced at me when I called her, but her brakes slammed on as soon as she got to me.  I was somewhat surprised that she sits on command IMMEDIATELY;  she does not even require a treat.

Once out on our walk, she was pretty good, taking my lead in direction, but lunging for every chipmunk and bird.  Fortunately the training harness prevents pulling so her lunging did not cause problems.   About one third into our walk I reversed to avoid another dog/volunteer team; Ruby let me know clearly by whimpering loudly, that she was not ready to turn around and go back.  As soon as it was apparent  that her walk was continuing, she wagged and trotted along.  She is so responsive.  As our walk was winding down, I found a bench and she was happy to sit and lean on me.  She is very affectionate and eager to please.  Back in the dog area, she seemed a little afraid of the other dogs barking but  stayed calm and easily walked into her kennel.  I finally read her profile. She is just a year old.  For a dog not much beyond puppy-hood and in her circumstances,  she is  amazing.  She is going to make someone a wonderful companion for a long time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Slow Doggy Day at the Shelter

 The Sun Salon:
At about 11:30 on Tuesday morning just two dogs were eligible for a volunteer walk. One, Charles, was already out walking and number two, Biggy had been out for a walk, had a shampoo and fluff and just needed brushed out.  I picked up the still damp little Pomeranian and we headed out to a sunny bench for his brush-out.  He loved it.  Just a note for all of you knitters;  I have never felt anything as soft as the Pomeranian undercoat; what a wonderful yarn it would make, and there is lots of it.  I'm sure Biggy would be happy to oblige. 

Update on Good Dog Alum, Janelle:
Some of you may remember Janelle, I know I do!  Janelle is now living the good life, about half her time in the Sunriver area and half on a 400 acre farm in Idaho.  Besides her loving human family she lives with her best buddy Sage, a Golden Retriever.

Jannelle and Sage

Dogs just seem to love these.  You pack them with a small amount of peanut butter frozen in a larger amount of ice and the dog is entertained for hours!  It reminds me of watching a kid with a Smartphone.  The Shelter keeps the freezer full so we always have them available as special treats.

Sugar Finds Her Forever Home

Sugar found her forever family on Saturday.  Apparently rooming with Biggy gave her more confidence so that she was becoming less timid every day.  On Saturday she won the heart of the right person and the rest is history.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Biggy is a happy well adjusted eleven year old Pomeranian; they are a long lived breed so he likely has quite a few more good years. As I was reaching in to get his roommate Sugar, he made it clear that he was going to go for the first walk, strutting over (as only a Pom can) and waiting to make sure I got the point. As I picked him up, he settled in and I quickly observed he is rock solid and not at all rattled by the barking all around as we walked through the main kennel area. Once outside he enjoyed some sniffing in the exercise yard but was happy to begin our walk into the bigger world. Though I usually let the dog determine the route, Biggy was more inclined to want me to make the decisions. You can tell he has spent his life in close communication with people. He is a nice comfortable little dog who will make someone a sweet companion. Once our walk was over and he went to his corner of the shared kennel, I figured he might want a nap - wrong. Within just a few minutes, when I returned with Sugar's harness, etc. for another walk "attempt"; Biggy came trotting out ready to go again.


Though I did not walk Sugar, I spent about 15 minutes attempting to convince her to leave her "safe" corner, so I kind of know her. She is a three year old Chihuahua, currently bunking with Biggy, and the most timid dog I've met yet. Apparently she was left on her own for long periods and is just afraid of people. She and Biggy are in a very cozy enclosed kennel, separate and somewhat sound proofed from the main dog area; but I could not reach in far enough in to drag her out. She clearly listened to my coaxing, sniffed at a lid with peanut butter on it (her favorite), but just trembled as I futilely stretched to reach her. I ran out time or I would have asked a staff person to get her for me. I think that once this sweet little dog finds her person, she will be incredibly devoted, let's hope it is soon.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Roger has a forever home

Roger the little black kitten from the doggy carnival was adopted a few weeks ago. I have not been as prompt as I would like because Al and I have been dealing with the unhappy situation of saying good bye to our sweet kitty Gus. We were honored with his company for eleven and one half wonderful years. Because his temperament was so laid back and he never had an interest in food, we did not know until just before the end that he had late stage kidney failure. He will be with us forever in spirit and in our memory.