Friday, March 22, 2013


I think I'm going to start avoiding Thursdays.  It seems like every dog I select to walk is in surgery being neutered.  Hurley, previously neutered, is a gorgeous  3 year old Lab/Golden mix who was surrendered to the shelter just yesterday because his family was moving and could not take him along.  Sometimes  new arrivals are very nervous and difficult to get harnessed, etc.  Hurley was a little timid but after just a minute or two he came to me and was  easily harnessed.  He was a little tense hearing all of the barking but was happy to walk  along beside me up the hall and out the door with no pulling. 

Once in the exercise yard Hurley quickly demonstrated that he is a well trained dog. He walks nicely on a leash, comes when he is called, sits, goes down and -amazingly- heels (lower video).  I know many families are forced to make harsh economic decisions but surrendering this dog has to have hurt.  My videos leave a lot to be desired but I hope they give you a sense of this very special dog in action.

Hurley will fit in most anywhere since he does well with other dogs, cats and kids, as young as two.  Let's hope his wait is short.

Sorry to say I'm back to YouTube videos.  I'm just not enough of a "techspert"  to figure how to outsmart Google; it's a corporate world out there. 

Ceecee and Beebee Have Found Their Forever Homes

The two sweet and loving puppies Ceecee and Beebee now have their own new families (separate).  Any dog, even puppies, with Pit Bull in their DNA, have a much more challenging time getting adopted since more stringent rules apply to their adopters. I know their new families had lots of easier choices, but these sweet pups, won their hearts. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Another puppy day at the shelter.  The available adult dogs were being spayed; sisters Beebee, Ceecee and Mimi were toppling all over each, noses pressed through their kennel happily greeting me. These three cuties arrived as an unwanted litter of  3 month old terrier/pit mixes.  Beebee and Ceecee had not yet had one on one time with a volunteer, so my first challenge:  get in, get one at a time, get out and survive more kisses and joy than you can imagine!

We made it the short distance to the get acquainted room (puppy's under 6 months have to stay inside for their safety).  Once in the room Beebee snuggled into my lap and was  happy just to have me pet and talk to her.  This lasted for about the first 10 minutes of our 30 minute "outing".  I eventually succeeded in getting her to play with toys, but I was clearly the best toy of all.  She is such a sweet loving puppy, let's hope she finds her special someone soon


Ceecee was my next one-on-one puppy charge.  Making the Beebee/Ceecee puppy exchange was just as much bedlam as I expected - at least I was prepared. I eventually emerged from their kennel, thorough/y kissed, etc. and with Ceecee in my arms.  She was trembling nose to tail!  Once in the get acquainted room she made it clear that she wanted to burrow into my lap coming up only to press her face on my neck for kisses.  The more I petted and and talked to her the happier she got.  At first there were a few snuffles and grunts (none of the puppies barked) but they gave way to just a peaceful sigh or two as she dozed contentedly on my lap.  I tried to get her to play but she wanted full body contact at all times.  I have never seen such an affectionate animal at any age.  This little dog so desperately wants a human friend to call her own, let's all hope she does not have long to wait.    

Harvey has had a transition

All for Dogs Rescue has found a foster home for Harvey where he can wait for his forever family.  His foster home includes other dogs, cats and chickens and he gets along with all of them. 

Dudley has Found his Forever Home

Some very lucky family has adopted Dudley.  I'm sure that they are being surprised everyday by just how intelligent and intuitive this pup is.

Tulip has a Forever Home

Tulip has found her forever family.  She is so affectionate, I'm sure she is a very happy puppy with her new family.