Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Happily there were just a few dogs at the shelter, though King had already had one walk, one look at his smiling face (really) and he was going out with me for number two.  This was just his second full day at the shelter so he was in that very excited somewhat confused state that is typical for new arrivals.  King is a beautiful six year old German Short Haired Pointer, surrendered because his family did not have time to give him the exercise necessary to manage his energy.

He was up on his hind legs to meet me at his back door, but after just a couple of "backs" he backed away, then quieted nicely to get harnessed.   Once on our walk King acted every bit the hunting dog that he is, nose taking in everything, but surprisingly responsive to my voice telling him which way we were going. He does need more leash training, which he will be getting daily at the shelter. 

Once back in the exercise yard it was good to see that he comes when he is called (video).  As for sit, I think somewhere in his past "sit" meant "sit up" for treats. Every time I said "sit" he stopped what he was doing, focused on me, and made a half sit up, half jump.  If I get time to take him out again another day; I'll work on sit using his leash to keep him from "sit up/jump".

He is so sweet and affectionate, according to his profile, this applies to kids, other dogs, and cats; just an all around lovable guy.  I  tried to get a photo of him smiling, because he REALLY does it.  You have to see it to believe it.  He will make a wonderful family dog as long as he gets adequate exercise.

Say Hello and Welcome Home to Chauncey

I was forewarned that likely Chauncey would not leave his kennel, he is very timid.  This cute little one year old Silky Terrier was going to be a challenge.  I loaded my pocket with cheese cubes (his favorite) and went to meet the elusive Chauncey.  It was really odd because he knew that a harness and leash meant something good, and quickly came to me, but backed off as soon as I attempted to put on the harness.  Not wanting to add to his discomfort, I talked and talked  very softly, fed him cheese, etc; nothing worked, Chauncey dug in and was not budging. 

Once I got home later that day, I noticed that shy little Chauncey was no longer listed at the Shelter's website.  Apparently a potential adopter had stopped by, it was a two way "love at first sight" with Chauncey joyously greeting his brand new person.  Chauncey is in his new home in time for the holidays.

Misha has Found Her Forever Home

Bubbly, bouncy Misha was adopted last week.  Too early for a Christmas stocking, but just right for Misha.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


On these really cold days all but the furriest dogs wear cute jackets, even inside; some, however look especially cute, Misha for example.  She's about four and mostly Carin Terrier.  Since she is one of the dogs from the California shelter, her background is a mystery.  Misha is so bouncy that getting her harnessed was a challenge.  I finally just picked her up, got it buckled and off we went.  She was so funny going down the hall, her little paws  were going so fast I felt like I was walking a high speed dust mop.

Once outside she headed straight for the exercise yard.  I barely got her unharnessed when she dashed to a clear area to take care of business then, just as quickly, dashed back to the gate.  Harnessed again she begin trotting briskly back toward the shelter.  This is no cold weather dog!

Since we had barely been out ten minutes, I opted to continue our outing in a play room.  This suited Misha just fine, lots of toys, other dogs outside to bark at and me close by for pets.  Misha is going to make someone a wonderful little companion, she is full of energy, playful, very clear about what she wants and very responsive. 

Newman Finds His Forever Home

Newman the super smart and lovable cattle dog puppy has been adopted.  Since he is as lovable with other dogs and cats as he is with people; I know he will be a welcome addition to his new family no matter what their mix.

Wellington Finds His Forever Home

It took Sir Wellington no time at all to find his forever home.  No surprise his scruffy cuteness is hard to resist.