Sunday, July 21, 2013


 So few dogs at the shelter today, I selected Clyde mostly since the  other dogs had been on recent volunteer walks.  However it took no time at all to see how extremely cute and sweet he is.  Clyde is a three year old Lhasa who came in as a stray;  his past is unknown.  I was greeted with wags and wiggles at his back door but he backed away from his door and settled long enough for me to get him harnessed.  He trotted cheerily down the hall and we were soon outside; a lengthy piddle began our outing.

It was so hot and he is so small I figured an extended visit to the exercise yard was the best choice.  After lots of sniffing, exploring and quiet cuddle time I was happy to see that he is quite obedient.  In my experience here at the shelter, this is often not the case with small dogs though they are nearly always sweet and affectionate.  Clyde comes when he is called, sits on command and even seems to heel.  I tried getting a video of heel, but it looks pretty strange.  

He is such a nice little guy, let's hope he finds his new family soon.

Boston Returns to His Owners

After about two weeks in the shelter, Boston's owners came in and claimed him. Duh!  There must be an interesting story behind this one, I'll have to check with staff.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Family Fun

Willow and her visiting cousin, Alice in a romp; both are rescued dogs.