Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lanie has a forever home

After many long weeks Lanie has found her forever family.  As some of you know, it usually takes longer for a dog who has some Pit Bull in her background due to specific owner requirements.  We wish her the best, I know she is a very appreciative pup.

Elton has a forever home

Sweet little Elton has his own family now.  He was adopted on Friday and I know he is likely snuggled in tightly by now.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


On a cloudy rainy Tuesday, after a busy Bend morning, the dogs beckoned.  My mind's eye pictured happy little faces, all eagerly waiting for a walk, etc.  Reality hit as I pulled into a nearly full parking lot, visitors and volunteers were all over the place.  Just one dog had not had an outing - Elton.  The notes said he was very shy and timid.  As is often the case with small dogs (he is mostly Chihuahua) his kennel was one of the private elevated enclosures requiring a stop at the reception desk for key and harness. The staff person offered to help coax him out and I was happy to accept.  Elton leaped into her arms squirming wildly in delight while she got him harnessed.  I carried him down the hall; the staff person and I walked together so that Elton had someone he knew close by. 

Outside it was cold so I do not know if Elton's trembles were from excitement, cold, or fear of me (a stranger); but he  huddled close.  He is so little, I figured he could get a good workout in the exercise yard so we went there first.  He is really cute, he just bounces around like a little toy, interested in everything.  He began following me around just happy to be with me. At one point I looked down and noticed his harness had nearly slipped  off.  Readjusting it was challenging because he was now my best friend and was smothering me with kisses.  Time for our leash walk to begin.

Elton is a social guy so we walked back toward the shelter building where he had more chances to encounter potential new friends.  He enjoyed all the  regular dog things like sniffing every inch of the hedges around building but what surprised me was his eagerness to make friends with other dogs, even large ones who were not behaving very friendly toward him.  Once back inside the shelter it was obvious that he absolutely loves the staff.  He was dashing to each one of them getting happier by the minute as they greeted him.  In the nearly two years I've been volunteering here, I can't remember a happier dog.  Little Elton came in as a stray so his history is a mystery, but there must have been love in there somewhere.  Let's hope he finds his loving family soon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shae has a forever home

Sweet little Shae has found her forever family.  We are all so happy she found them them so quickly.

Halie has a forever home

Some very lucky family connected with Halie yesterday.  I know she will amaze them daily with how much she understands and how eager she is to please. 

Family Photos

Maggie, Mike and Doris
The Braemers

Doggy friend, great photographer and Good Dog reader (of course), Ginny, took these fun photos.  Thank you Ginny for your talent and your heart!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I just love hounds, so on a Thursday afternoon with all of the dogs having had at least one walk, Shae, a three year old mostly beagle/pointer mix was going to be my walking buddy. She was up on her hind legs to greet me at her back door but ran to the front of her kennel as soon as I entered.  It took just a few minutes of talking and coaxing for her to come over for pets then a few more to get her harnessed and ready to go.  I quickly glanced at her profile and saw that this was just her second day at the shelter, no wonder she was unsure of things.

We got outside and both exercise yards were being used so we proceeded straight to our walk, no energy burning romp in the cards  today.  I mentally prepared myself to deal with a dog eagerly pulling the leash.  Shae's first surprise, she is very good on the leash.  My next preconception, hounds find a scent and focus on it totally.  Shae did enjoy sniffing things but no  more than any other dog does. However my favorite thing about her is her need for affection.  Every few minutes she stops her walk, comes over to you, and leans for pets, looking up at you all the while.  I hope she continues this affection seeking behavior when she finds her forever family.  She is a good little dog, sitting on command, coming when called, walking comfortably on the leash and, from my brief exposure, seeming to like other dogs.  I sure hope she finds her new home soon.


Though I did not walk Halie I spent enough time with her to be really impressed. As I was walking another dog, I noticed one of the staff doing a video in the exercise yard.  The dog was so "connected" and obedient I thought I was watching a YouTube on dog obedience.  I just had to ask her handler/volunteer her name -Halie.  She is a beautiful two and half year old lab / wire hair mix; actually she looks like a lab with a beard, really cute.   Later that day I was part of a small group getting a hands on lesson in doggy bathing.  Our victim (oops) client, was Halie.  I volunteered to go get her.  She was excited and bouncing around in her kennel but sat immediately when I gave her the command.  She is a big dog so, had she decided not to cooperate, well...., you can imagine; however, our instructor knew what he was doing, Halie was sweeter than sweet, and all went well.  I think her future owner will be nearly as lucky as we were to find Willow and that is saying a lot!