Thursday, March 31, 2011

Callahan has a forever home

Callahan has been adopted, he is such a sweetie no wonder it was so fast. As usual, I do not know who has adopted him.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011



I met Callahan during spring break, a very busy and noisy time at the Humane Society. I was looking around the dog area to select my walking buddy and I glanced into a kennel that seemed empty, but had a purple tag (signifies a dog up for adoption and eligible for walks by a volunteer). Callahan, a three year old lasa, was reclining peacefully on his bed observing me. I think he was the only quiet dog at the shelter that day. As soon as he saw me come back toward his kennel with a collar, leash and “I’m-out-for-a-walk” tag, he immediately jumped out of bed, went to his exit door and waited for me to get there. I could tell very quickly that he was very smart, intuitive and of course cute. We had gone about 100 yards from the shelter when a car pulled up with two very large non shelter dogs; their owner just let them loose out of the car; they took one look at us and were headed our way. I shouted to the owner to restrain them and reached down to pick up Callahan; he was already en route up into my arms; one very smart dog! He is definitely a sweetie; I think he will likely find his forever home very soon. The rest of our walk was calm and fun, Callahan was not at all afraid back at the shelter though all the dogs were barking, I guess he knew they were in their kennels and not going to come after him.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lucy has a forever home


Lucy has been adopted and I think we all have a pretty good idea of the identity of her lucky new family. Mom is likely beginning extreme workouts as we speak!

When I went into the kennel area of the Humane Society today to pick my walking buddy, two little girls were pressed up against Lucy's kennel petting her while she was squirming all over to get as close as possible for receiving maximum pets. I asked them if they wanted to go out with me for a walk with Lucy, and of course they were thrilled. Lucy is a nine year old springer spaniel with amazing energy. Their Mom did not join us for the walk which was probably a good idea because their "adopt Lucy" strategy was to convince their working Mom that a nine year dog would be perfect for her, since it would not mind spending a fair amount of down time during the day. Oh what surprise Mom is going to be in for! Lucy completely wore me out as well as two ten year olds during a forty minute walk.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ringo has a forever home!

Ringo was adopted earlier today. As you know, adoption information is confidential, so I have no details; but I saw him out walking with people yesterday and they all looked very happy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vincent has a forever home!

Vincent, sweetest of the sweet, was adopted yesterday by a local couple. The Humane Society keeps adoption information confidential, so that is all I know at this time. The staff member I spoke with, thinks they are a very good match.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I finished my Bend errands and had about an hour for dog walking at the Humane Society. Once again, all of the dogs had been out for at least one walk already at about 2:00. Vincent looked so sweet that I started with him. He was a perfect little dog. I had a bit more time so I took Ringo, a German short haired pointer for a walk. Ringo is a much younger dog, but quite impressive. Every time he saw a bird he stopped, froze and pointed; when I said "good dog" he relaxed and resumed walking. He was so very happy and excited to get to go out and he still sat on command. He even sat on command back at the kennel with all of the other dogs barking. When I got home and told Al about him, he said that some pointers, despite training in birding are never this good. I sure hope that a hunter gets connected with Ringo. As I was signing out I noticed that "Mr Popularity" Vincent was being taken out by a volunteer for his THIRD walk of the day!

My First Volunteer Experience

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I arrived at around 1:30 and went back to see which of the dogs had not yet had a walk today. All of them had had walks but the staff assured me that they could never have too may walks, so to just pick one out and go for it. I selected Vincent, an older mixed breed dachshund, who is a delightful little gentleman. He politely waits for you to put on his collar and leash,waits at each door for you to open it, then at the end of the walk, takes his milk bone treat up on to his doggy bed and eats it. He is so sweet. He gets rave reviews from all of the volunteers, I do not know how they will cope if he gets a forever home.


Saturday March 5, 2011

All Humane Society volunteers are required to go through an orientation. The person in charge of community outreach did the training for about twelve of us ranging in age from approximately 10 to 70 years. As I was expecting, the orientation was very positive, stressing how well the animals are treated, etc. I assumed that I would be judging this for myself once I started volunteering. I admit to being skeptical since for years I've considered this volunteer opportunity, but always thought it would be too depressing.