Saturday, June 16, 2012


Glancing through the volunteer's log I noticed that Miranda seemed to be on everyone's A list; very sweet, great on the leash, just wonderful,etc. She had not yet had a volunteer walk, and I could not resist her face! As I met her at the back of her kennel she was jumping up and down completely thrilled. She is a beautiful brown Rottweiler mix, about six years old and quite a few pounds overweight, so she packs a lot of momentum. I crossed my fingers that she was as well behaved as her reputation suggested and opened her door. She was wildly excited and squirming all over but sat immediately on command, no treat required! Once outside our first stop was the exercise yard where fetch and general racing around made up for her sedentary morning. She is good at fetch, sit, and come but needs more work on down and shake hands.

She is great on the leash, no pulling at all and so happy, her tail just flops back and forth all the time. She is very affectionate, responding to pets plus nuzzling and pushing you with her head when you are sitting beside her. According to her profile she also gets along with other dogs and cats. She is a total sweetie, it is easy to see why she is such a volunteer favorite. Since she will do well in so many types of families let's hope she finds her's soon.


Geronimo was the other dog who, at just after one, had not yet had a volunteer walk. A cute one year old Chihuahua mix with big hazel eyes and a little tan wiggly body; I was kind of surprised that he had not yet been out with a volunteer. As I opened his back door he was squirming all over with happiness but backed away when I approached him. After a few tries, I put a treat in one hand and petting him with the other, managed to loop my finger under his plastic ID collar eventually getting his walking collar and leash attached. Though shy, he is so sweet he just kept wagging in a crouched position, scared but still cooperating.

We started in the exercise yard and, except for a potty stop, he did not seem to want to there. Ball chasing and toys were just not his thing, getting petted and talked to are what he loves. We had several paws up for pets stops early in our walk. As we continued, he seemed to gain confidence, putting up his ears and prancing along. When we came within sight of other dogs, he showed interest, not fear. After about a half an hour, he seemed to want to find shady spots for little rests. The day was warm, but he is such a young dog, I was a little surprised. On our return I read his profile more carefully and it says that he is quite the couch potato. My best guess is that, though young, he was with someone who was unable to give him exercise and that he is just out of shape. Let's hope he finds his forever person to get him back in shape and let him know he is really home.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Lola has a forever home

Sweet little Lola has found her forever person. As usual, I have no specifics but as I returned her to her kennel there were already three adoption holds listed for her so I'm not surprised that she had just a short wait.