Friday, December 30, 2011

Buddy has a forever home

Buddy has found his forever family. The staff person I spoke with did not know if he would be getting to use his herding skills as the adoption occurred a couple of days ago and she did not recall who handled it. Happy New Year to all of you, including Buddy and his new people.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Koda, Dakota amd Bruno find forever homes

Koda (necklace)
Koda, nearly the sweetest puppy I've ever walked has found her forever family. It took her a little longer than many dogs, since the shelter requires proof of home ownership before allowing a potential owner to adopt a Pit Bull. This of course eliminates quite a few dog people. I know they will love her since she is close to perfect!

Dakota (huge German Shepherd puppy)
Dakota's forever person did not turn out to be man I met and demonstrated Dakota's obedience skills to; the staff member recalled that it was a father and son who adopted him, last week. A very big puppy this obedient, should be a great addition to his new family.

Bruno (Chihuahua/Heeler mix)
You did not get to meet Bruno since I was having eye problems (thankfully over) and could not use the computer. Bruno was a strange looking little dog and his profile indicated that he was likely to be especially timid around men. On our walk he zeroed in on every male we met, for potential pets. As we were returning to the shelter there was a young guy clad head to toe in black leather and chains, sitting on the curb in front of the shelter. For Bruno, it was love at first sight. He planted himself in front of him, gazed lovingly up at him then settled into a lean against his legs. The guy told Bruno he would just love to take him home but it was not possible. I eventually convinced Bruno back to the shelter, but it was hard to get him to move. I'm sure a little guy as affectionate as Bruno is now very close to his new family whoever they are.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The shelter was really busy and noisy today; kids are out of school, the cats are on sale; a happy bustle after a few comparatively quiet weeks is nice. At 2:00 all but two dogs had a volunteer walk and one of them was Buddy. He is a beautiful four year old Australian Shepherd who was just in his second day at the shelter and wearing a couple of extra pounds. I've noticed that often when dogs arrive at the shelter as a result of their owner's passing away, they are a little overweight likely from the illness/inactivity of their past owners. As I came to his back door to put on his collar, though cautious, he quietly came to me and stood very still while I put on the collar and leash. He did not seem bothered by all the visitors and other dogs barking as we were walking down the hall and was OK with people stopping to pet him.

Once outside, he seemed happy just walking close by, sniffing and checking back every so often with his stunning pale blue eyes; normal herd dog behavior and excellent leash behavior. About half way into our walk out in the desert, things changed. Al called to let me know he had already picked up the mail, etc and since I had my phone on speaker, Buddy heard his voice. He got quite anxious and immediately wanted to go back toward the shelter. I tried to get him to walk a little further, even using treats, but he was adamant. As we started back, there was little if any casual sniffing, just a purposeful march back to the shelter area. He got very agitated and alert in the parking lot but became normal again once we were inside. Let's hope his new person finds him soon.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Hi everyone,

Following a supposedly routine cataract surgery Nov. 14, I've had lots of eye problems that have limited my driving and almost cut out my computer use. I see the doctor again tomorrow. I have walked a really sweet dog Bruno and hopefully will be able to write him up soon.

Also, Al could not find Christmas cards he liked at Costco so I suggested he try "Paws and Shop" at the Factory Outlet Center (Humane Society Shop); he said it was great for Christmas items. Hope to be in touch with you again soon.