Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I'm back from travels in the south east (PA to GA) including lots of happy visits with friends and family; only complaint - too much driving.   Selecting Tyke as my welcome back walking buddy was a no brainer.  He's gorgeous, really big for a kennel (I'm guessing close to 90 pounds) and by 2:00 PM, had not yet been out.  Tyke is a Boxer Akita mix, about six and a half, and was surrendered to the shelter when his family had to  move without him.

He was  excited to see me at his back door but sat  quietly to be harnessed.  I readied myself for the possibility of major pulling while getting through the dog area and hallway to the outside; it did not happen.  Tyke ignored all the barking and walked with me down the hall. 

Once outside taking care of business came first; he had been waiting a very long time.  We had a short stop in the exercise yard but Tyke seemed more interested in going for walk.  It did not take me long to conclude that Tyke is about the best dog on a leash I've ever walked; hard to admit, but that includes Willow.  Many of you know she is also very good on the leash. The  difference is that Tyke maintains his perfect "slack leash" manners even when he sees a squirrel!  As one raced by us and into a bush, Tyke just straightened up, looked at me and when I did not give the OK to chase, resumed his walk.  Like Willow, Tyke responds to  soft voice commands such as, "let's go this way", etc; a taunt leash is not required. (video)

On our return we stopped again in the exercise yard for some obedience checks.  Tyke knows sit, down, come and shake.  According to Tyke's profile he is very good with everyone and this includes other dogs and cats.  Whenever another dog came into view, Tyke wagged and whimpered as if he wanted to play.  Let's hope this wonderful dog has a short stay at the shelter; he is really a gem. 

Sparky has found his forever home

It took him awhile but Sparky eventually found home.  He's been adopted and has begun his happily ever after.  Let's hope we get some warmer days so he can ditch wearing a sweater.